Why Choose Us

Why Choose Freedom Realty Group

Welcome to Freedom Realty Group. We are a real estate resource on the Gold Coast, specialising in Property Management. We focus exclusively on providing high-quality property management services and pride ourselves on providing solutions to all of the Gold Coasts Real Estate needs.

Free Registration No Hidden Fees

The most vital decision you can make during the course of finding a property manager is selecting the appropriate professional for your needs. Not only do we pay attention to what is important to you

Free Rental Appraisal

We are here protect your residential investment by providing you peace of mind, so you as the owner feel secure & confident in your investment choice. From attracting and retaining the most eligible tenants, to ongoing low fees.

Deal Directly with The Owner

Avoid the pain of being assigned a junior property manager and deal directly with Andrew Jansen, the Owner. He prides himself on making your experience personalised, prioritised and unique, and the fact you are dealing directly with him removes room for error, being left as a low priority, or worse, forgotten about. His care and attention to detail are part of the reasons why he is a 5 star rated agency.

Ensures the highest rent possible

Based on the current property trends and marketplace, Andrew will ensure you secure the highest rent possible and had even been able to secure higher than market value. This will maximise your return on investment and enable you to feel confident.

Full transparency

Freedom Realty brings you an in-depth level of transparency. You have direct access into the owner portal, and Andrew can teach you how to navigate this, or simply pull any reports for you that you require.

Secure a High-Quality Tenant

Other agencies send out junior property managers to conduct Open Homes, this can lead to risk as not all people demonstrate their true qualities on paper. Andrew interviews and conducts every open home, he ensures that your property will be occupied by the best tenant. This means not simply rent being paid on time, but your biggest investment is treated like their home.

Property Portfolio Planning

Having been a Financial Advisor for 15 years I can tailor your property investment goals and set out how you can make your dreams a reality.

0% Vacancy

Freedom Reatly has not had any vacant properties waiting for returns on their investment. Andrew wants to ensure you feel safe in the hands of Freedom Realty Group. Giving you peace of mind knowing you are maximizing your return on investment while ensuring your property is looked after, maintained and you are responded to on the same day, every time.

Select When You Get Paid

A crucial facet of Property Management is to make sure that tenants are paying their rent regularly and failing this, that swift action be taken to prevent any loss to you the Landlord. Unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances can arise from loss of employment or other family circumstances that cause a tenant to fall into arrears, to avoid this we ensure that the tenant remains paid in advance and you as the owner can choose to be disbursed either weekly fortnightly or monthly

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