We’ve put together some commonly asked questions and our answers to them – that Vendors commonly ask real estate agents on the Gold Coast to give you more information about working with Freedom Realty Group.

If you have a question that you can’t find the answer to, please contact us.

1. What happens if my tenant doesn’t pay rent?

We collect rent preferably at weekly intervals and ensure tenant remains paid in advance so it is difficult for them to ever fall behind. We then disburse money to you twice a month accompanied by a statement emailed to you, Plus you also have access to the portal we use as an agency.

2. Where does the Bond Money Go?

THE RTA look after the Bond payments. We ask the tenant to lodge and pay this directly so that we are not handling these payments. The RTA then send us a confirmation once lodgement is completed

3. Should I invest in Landlord’s Insurance?

Your investment property is most likely your biggest asset and therefore very important to have the best landlord policy. We work closely with Terri Scheer on this, your policy premiums are likely tax deductible also so it’s a win/win.

4. Can I attend the Periodic Inspections with you?

Some of our landlords do this and I am more than happy for you to attend although for your own convenience we are very transparent, and all information is viewable through the portal access.

5. Do I have a say in who rents my property?

Yes of course. We provide you a report and talk you through each of the applicants although we leave the final decision up to you unless you direct us to make the ultimate decision.

6. Can I sell my investment property even if it is tenanted?

If the tenant is on a fixed term agreement, the property manager/owner cannot make them leave because they decide to sell. The tenant can stay until the end of their fixed term, and the new owner will become their property owner. For your peace of mind we try to keep all tenants on a fixed term tenancy

7. What happens to the gardens? Is that my responsibility or the tenants?

The gardens are to be well kept and maintained by the tenant. It is written into the lease agreement that it is their responsibility to keep property in the condition that they found it.

8. What about Water rates, is that my responsibility or the tenants?

Tenants are to pay for their water usage, however the owner must cover the cost for Supply/access charges

9. Can I have a No Pets policy at the property?

Queensland landlords will no longer be allowed to refuse pets in rental properties without a reason deemed valid by the state government.

10. Can I nominate my own tradespeople to work at the property?

Of course you can, although our agency does have a list of preferred tradesman which we have selectively chosen them based on the quality of workmanship, price and reliability.

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